Hi, I'm Anthony and i invented Socks So Easy. Getting older and packing on a few pounds had me struggling with two bad knees and back pain. Bending down to pick anything up was unbearable so putting on my own socks was out of the question. I tried a veriety of sock aids on the market and none of them stops you from bending over. 

So i got to work.

Out of trial and error, i developed the worlds first common sense device that will allow you to adjust for a comfortable reach so you do not bend at all. You can put your socks on sitting, standing and even laying down.

Today, i can put on my socks effortlesslly in under 20 seconds and pain free thanks to Socks So Easy.

Now I'm sharing this remarkable patented invention with others so they, too, can regain there independance and experience one less pain in their day-to-day life.