About Us

Introducing "Socks So Easy" - The Revolutionary Sock Aid Cane

Welcome to Socks So Easy, the ultimate solution for individuals like you who struggle with putting on socks due to arthritis or other mobility issues. Developed by me, Anthony, a fellow sufferer of arthritis, this innovative sock aid cane is designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

My personal experience in the Real Estate, hotel and the hospitality industry, where i spent long hours on my feet, led me to understand the frustration and embarrassment of not being able to put on socks. the inability to wear socks not only affected my confidence but also caused my shoes to develop unpleasant odors, resulting in wasted money on replacements. 

Driven by my struggles, i embarked on a mission to find a sock aid that truly addresses the needs of individuals with limited mobility. Disappointed with the existing options on the market, which only exacerbated my pain, so i decided to create a solution.

   Socks So Easy is unlike any other sock aid you have come across. It eliminates the need for bending over, providing a hassle =free experience. With its ergonomic design and user friendly features, this innovative sock aid cane ensures that you can effortlessly put on socks without any discomfort or pain.

Say good bye to the ridiculous and ineffective sock aids you have encountered before. Socks So Easy is here to revolutionize the way you put socks on and take them off, improving your daily life and restoring your confidence. 

Experience the convenience and comfort of Socks So Easy today!